Tracking your practice

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by Vijay Meunier | Practice

Tracking your practice

Every musician, especially those who are taking music lessons and working to improve, needs to practice.  But how can you know if you're practicing consistently and achieving your goals?  Tracking your practice timecan help keep you accountable to accomplish your goals, and taking a small amount of data is often motivating to practice more consistently.

I offer an application that will easily help you track your practice time, through the MyMusicStaff portal at  There is a timer that you can set while you practice, or you can log practice time after-the-fact.  

 The Practice Log tool inside MMS


Feel free to check the "Email Teacher" box to let me know about your practice or any questions or issues you may have faced!  This is a great tool for keeping me in the loop and getting help outside of your normal lesson time.

Alternatively, a paper practice log with the days of the week and spaces to write in musical pieces or goals is also an amazing tool for tracking practice.  You can take a picture of the log every week and save it in a designated practice folder on your computer or the cloud to keep a digital record as well.

Here is a link to a printable practice log that you may find very useful!  Alternatively, you can make your own practice logs, or acquire one from a music store, the Internet, or the Orpheus Academy of Music.

However, please remember that the amount of time you practice matters much less than what you accomplish.  Remember: It's not how much you practice, it's what you achieve.  A little bit of intentional practice with a goal in mind is the best kind of practice.